Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Specification of Yamaha ZFR6

Taller riders will appreciate the additional near inch provided by the adjustable saddle.

Upon my initial seating, I noticed how easily I could flat-foot with the saddle in its low position. I kept it in its low position and didn’t experience any knee pain after 150 miles.

Comparing the FZ6R to the FZ6 (last ridden in 2006), one will notice the lack of punch at the whack of the throttle. The 6R has a milder state of tune, and this pays off with power being available at revs that are more easily accessible - no need to zing it to redline. The engine gains speed slowly but deliberately, accompanied by a slight buzz after 7000 rpm.

Comfy ergonomics and ample wind protection are two of the rider-friendly attributes of the FZ6R.

When it’s time to slow down, the front and rear Brembo master cylinders pipe that stopping power through a 5-way adjustable lever to a pair of dual-piston pin-slide Akebono calipers up front gripping two 298mm rotors. Providing adequate power for the bikes intended audience, they’re not up to the standards of power and feel as racier sportbikes. The rear single-piston pin slide Nissin caliper chomps on a 245mm rotor, the same as found on the FZ6 model.

The FZ6R is a worthy option for someone who wants a practical and easy-to-ride bike yet wants some sporty styling and responses. It’s at your local dealer now.

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