Thursday, 10 June 2010

BMW Motorrad 6 Sporty and Futuristic Concept

In the current era of globalization such as the rapid development of the automotive world. The producers of motor racing develop products to satisfy their customers. Like the BMW Motorcycles of designing a motor with a futuristic look. Manufacturers based in Germany called the BMW Motorrad Concept 6. Based motorcycle motor sport that has a very grim view.

The Concept of the BMW Motorrad was introduced the first six times before to the public in 2009 that took place when there was an EICMA in Milan, Italy. BMW offers a model appear more luxurious and innovative. The mix of modern style with classic style is adopted by Motorrad Concept 6. It can be seen from the front of a long snout while the short rear section. Models such as this reminds us of the heyday of the Cafe Racer is a racing icon, the first motor-powered and looks muscular.

On the machine carried by BMW Motorrad Concept 6 is the engine with six cylinders configuration. BMW also chose to design the space dry pump oil system with technology that allows machines to be very low and flat. BMW claims can get 130 Nm or 96 lb-ft of torque, which began only in 2000 and could continue on until 9000 rpm. Time pacemaker firing room is released through the 6 exhaust pipe with the sidy model.

High-powered engine should be combined with suspension and braking systems are qualified. For that, BMW Motorrad builds Concept 6 by adopting the model of a suspension made from lightweight alloy Duolever for its front, the rear uses a monoshock swingarm Paralever sustained. Suspension system uses large brakes with six piston calipers to reduce HP's 17-inch wheels and engine aggressiveness Motorrad Concept 6. [Sp /ABT]

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