Monday, 14 September 2009

t=v1+v2, It's the Way to Increase Trafic and Popularity Fast and Natural

I've ever seen and surfed to other blog, and I got information and trick that I feel it's good enough for us. The way is absolutely easy and I think it's logical enough. I have been being doing it, obviously, the result is reasonable. For all of you who want to know how, just follow some step from me below

First, copy and paste the magic article. . . . . below

---------------------------- copy and paste begin from here ------------------------------
Please read it well then apply correctly. . . .

a philosophy says" Honesty is the Best Policy, this is we shall prove. . . .
can honesty we proceed to produce traffic and popularity greater than complex concept from expert webmaster or expert SEO. . ? . . .
I am sure it can if this concept run correctly. . . , if this way is applied in your web appropriate with the rule so:
-YOUR WEB will have been flooded by so many traffics extraordinarily, day by day, without thinking busyly about SEO or doing promotion to all place in the internet world.
-YOUR WEB will have been flooded by so many backlinks extraordinaryly day by day, without hunting busyly for links to all place in the internet world.

If Albert Einstein used formula e=mc2 to unite potentiality mass and velocity of light to produce the remarkable nuclear energy, so we shall use FORMULA t=v1+v2 to unite potentiality of my web and your web TO PRODUCE SO MANY TRAFFIC and popularity remarkably too.

If Albert Einstein used plutonium and uranium to make nuclear bomb, so we use honesty and precision to make traffic bomb and this popularity.

Things you need to do is just following steps below:

1. make article posting like this one, or copy-paste this posting/article and give this article a title like this: "t=v1+v2, THE WAY TO INCREASE TRAFFIC and POPULARITY FAST and NATURAL
2-Next, copy or make the MAGIC SENTENCE exist below of number 4 then apply it onto your web/blog (on widget/sidebar) in part that is easiest for visitor to see it, for example on the top sidebar:
3-Remove or change the link or URL address of my posting on(Right Here!-1) to replace URL address of my friend on (Right Here!-2).
-To know the URL address of my posting and your posting you, you can do it by clicking the posting title that we made.
4. Then, fill the URL address of your posting on (Right Here!-1) by following the steps below.
You publish the article/posting 2 times. First, after this posting is finished to be made then publish it, and then you click onthe posting title to copy the URL address of the posting from the address bar in your browser. Second, edit the posting again by replacing the URL with the URL you just copied onto (Right Here!-1).

This is the " magic sentence" necessary for you to apply it onto your web/blog part (on widget/sidebar after, you changed URL- appropriate with the rule above)

" You Want to increase traffic/ visitor and popularity on your web/blog fast and unlimited. . . ? . . .
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-So after this "Magic Sentence" is placed onto your web/blog, if there are visitors clicking on (Right Here!-1), so it will go to you posting link, and if there are visitor clicking on (Right Here!-2), so it will go to My posting link. . . and so on. it will make a network link that will broken if you do appropriate with the rule. . .
5-Below, there are 2 links: your link (is my web link now that must be replaced with your posting link) and my link (is my friend web link now that must be replaced with my posting link). so replace (the URL address)" your link" with" link url of your posting" and " my link is with link url my web" (by replacing my friend link).

your posting link about this article to replace (Right Here!-1) URL
my posting link about this article to replace (Right Here!-2) URL

5-It's done, prepare a counter tracker and for example a link checker like sitemeter and technorati to see flood traffic result and linkback on your web/blog.

What is the t=v1+t2. . . ?
t: total traffic you will get on your web in one day
v1: your web visitor total in one day
v2: visitor total v1 owned (the visitor from you web visitor) in one day.

For example, my web/blog or your web/blog in a day has average visitor 50 visitors. . , and all our follower apply our concept (the Magic Sentence) correctly, and from the 50 visitors each of them has also 50 visitor from their web/blog-, so our web/blog has opportunity to be visited by 50 + (50 x 50) visitor on the day= 2550 visitor, and will has opporunity to increase it also day by day, because every day, there are always new visitors in the internet world. Every day, there are also new bloggers or new websites in the internet world. . . just prove it by yourself

For example, our web/blog has 50 visitor in a day, and all of them apply this concept, so in that day your web/blog will get 100 backlinks onto your web, that is a link in "Magic Sentence" and a link in my link by multiplying to 50. and it will has opportunity increasing unlimitedly day by day out. . . .

why it necessary make your link and my link in the posting. . . ?
. . . this matter is to watches over our link eternity, because as we know that the link in posting has littler possibility to be erased. . . .

Warning!: Do not be cheated or manipulated this rule because this concept will not be maximal to prove the "Honesty is best strategy/policies". . . . . but I am sure that all of us do not want to break down our credibility by doing the action like such thing. . .

--------------------------------- finished ------------------------------------------

After you did the way, you are pleased also by improvisation making with overall pattern of my posting, giving a little welcome words or courtesy like on this posting. or Bla....bla....bla....

And then, add this advertisement onto your web/blog, for example like below (if you are still confused of newbie, just copy and paste the code below onto your blog on top side widget)

"You Want to increase traffic/ visitor and popularity onto your web/blog quickly and unlimited. . . ? . . .
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If you have any questions or are confused about this Formula, please leave a comment or contact us to

. . . . good luck. . .

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Friday, 11 September 2009

Yamaha WR250X, The Amazing Ride

Although Yamaha WR250X will not belongs to the big ten of motorcycle with the best design but doesn't mean that this motorcycle designs then will get the bad effect. Functionally, motorcycle design that fuse off road bike and street bike like such is really steady and as according to beginning plan yamaha building this motorcycle. Looks like, The Yamaha WR250X is resemble with trail motorcycle (offroad bike) commonly uses for hard roadfield. But when seeing the tyre used, likely Yamaha designs this motorcycle for highway consumption. With slender design and briefly, this motorcycle chasis is really designed based on trail motorcycle (offroad bike). The idea is designing a nimble motor that can be used in city. Four stroke engine DOHC 250cc installed in wr250x is designed based on engine of Yamana YZ-F engine that demoted in product series of motocross. This Engine that uses liquid cooling system is not really designed for speeding and because of such thing, the maximum speed limit that can be reached only around 130km/ hour. It is clearly not good match for engine 250cc installed. Possibly, fuel efficiency is the one of the consideration by Yamaha that claimed that this motor can run over 30km to every litre of fuel. With tank that can accommodate fuel 7,5 litres, you can pass through over around 226km, that is even still depending from your manner of riding this motor. For use in city, possibly that number can be more going down.

Because of use of construction of motorcross, it is clearly from this motorcycle control is superior. Long handlebar makes lighter the rider in doing manouvre. manouvering through empty roadside when you'e trapped in trafficjam is the one of this motorcycle superiority. Motorcycle news called that this motor is nimble but difficult to turn in high-speed without lossing of balance. They say that this motorcycle's rear suspension is a little less stable while turning. Several other weaknesses that also be said that motorcycle height is idealless for majority of people so that making difficult when must stop on midway. While, the seat construction is even also pleasantless and making the rider feels tired fast. Besides, Yamaha doesn't also prepare kick starter and you must always ascertain accumulator in good condition, except that you don't mind pushing this motorcycle that has weight as heavy as 135kg.

MSRP* :$6,190 (Black) Available from October 2008
Type :250cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke;4 valves
Bore x Stroke :77.0 x 53.6mm

Compression Ratio :11.8:1

Fuel Delivery :Fuel injection

Ignition :Direct ignition coil
Transmission :Constant-mesh 6-speed; multiplate wet clutch
Final Drive :Chain Chassis
Suspension/Front :Inverted fork; fully adjustable, 10.6-in travel

Suspension/Rear :Single shock; fully adjustable, 10.6-in travel

Brakes/Front :Hydraulic single-disc brake, 298mm
Brakes/Rear :Hydraulic single-disc brake, 230mm

Tires/Front :110/70-17
/Rear :140/70-17

Length :83.1 inch

Width :31.9 inch

Height :46.9 inch

Seat Height :35.2 inch

Wheelbase :56.1 inch
Ground Clearance :10.2 inch

Fuel Capacity :2.0 gal
Fuel Economy** :71 mpg

Wet Weight :299 lb (CA 301 lb)

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Musle Face of Moto Morini Scrambler

By flash seeing, perhaps, you will guess that this motorcycle belongs to Honda Tiger Revo. Frontface with round lamp plus wind shield really looks like the frontface of Honda Tiger Revo in custom version that many running in Indonesia. But if watched more clearly of its side and the rear, we shall know that this is a different motorcycle. Yups! This is Moto Morini Scrambler standards version that the manufacturer design has been so masculine. Carrying new engine of liquid-cooled, 87 °, 8v dohc V-twin four-stroke, Moto Morini Scramble is claimed able to blow energy up to 115,3 bhp. Installed with manual transmission 6 speed, the maximum speed limit that can be locked from the movement has resided in number of 125 mph. In parallel straight with the energy, the torque that can be showed also terrible reaching up to 75,3 lb ft. The bodywight overall of this motorcycle is 198 kg and the ability of fuel capacity design can accommodate up to 21 litres.

Seeing all side, We'll be showed the great display of rounded headlamp covered by cross bean at in front of it. Wide handlebar design that is adopted is also so pleasant when it is used for long distance riding. as a guide indicator, speedometer design applied is also very modern with many digital features in it. expertion in coddling the rider, the front suspension that although it cannot be set up, it still offers comfortable riding and great handling. As the holder, rear suspension then adopts fully adjustable that can set on high or low position. By energy capacity and big acceleration, Motto Morini Scrambler then supplies the front brake with big size disc 2 x 300mm with 4 piston kaliper. While, for backside, the visible discbrake is 250mm fused with 2 piston kaliper. As smoke like, it is installed steadyly by dual muffler in leftside of the body. for underpinning body, it is installed tires 110/80 x 18 and rear tires 150/70 x 17. Just seeing all its superiority and its performance of every part that has average score up to 4 stars, it is not strange that Moto Morini Scramble's price label is expensive that is 10.120 pound or equal to Rp 168 million! hhmmm. . . it's expensive, isn't it? mot

Specifications :
Motorcycle : Moto Morini Scrambler

Engine : Liquid-cooled, 87 ° , 8v dohc V-twin four-stroke. 6 gears
Power : 115.3bhp
Torque : 75.3ftlb
Top speed : 125mph

Weight : 198kg Seat
height : 840mm

Fuel capacity : 21 litres

Average fuel consumption : 46.3mpg

Frame : Tubular steel trellis
Front suspension adjustment : Non-adjustable

Rear suspension adjustment : Fully adjustable

Front brakes : 2 x 300mm discs with 4-piston calipers

Rear brakes : 250mm disc with two-piston caliper
Front tyre size : 110/80 x 18

Rear tyre size : 150/70 x 17

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Tips to Choose Right Race Velg

Race velg variation model on markets is really many kinds models and various, but the important thing we have to do before buying is choosing thoroughly because nice model doesn't guarantee good in quality. there are some criteria that must be payed in buying good race velg, such as the following tips: - choose velg from metal that can hold big weight such from magnesium and alumunium forged (handiwork) wheel. velg from alumunium forged is very strong and light. strong metal can determine the design because it can be formed into different model. besides, choose also bearing house made from iron so that stronger. - don't be cheated by the nice price of expensive but faked. look at all explanations as described on the surface of velg or sticker sticked on that is written an information about year maker, the maker factory, and whether the velg had been test for loading test to test the strength and endurance of velg towards heavy and pressure. - if you really like with unique velg model, choose model that appropriate with what you want and also appropriate with your vehicle need. for example race velg for racing or velg to merely follow fashion and trend. - choose velg size appropriate of the size of your vehicle tyre. don't till if there is broken in the tyre, you are difficult to look for appropriate replacer tyre.

besides, there also that must be payed attention. race velg is often interpretted equal to tubeless velg because its construction velg is closed so that can hold air than standard velg where air can pass trough the velg. but in reality many race velg cannot become tubeless velg. so be more accurately. actually there is another primary factor in order that race velg serve the purpose of velg tubeless, that is tyre buffer construction in flat velg and there is key warp. if tyre buffer construction in velg is not flat/ formed warp, so it can not be used as tubeless velg because it can not lock the tyre in order the air is not getting out. important to remember when you are going to use tubeless tyre, besides tubeless velg (usually written tubeless on surface of velg), you must also use tubeless tyre, usually be written on tyre. don't occasionally use standard tyre/ tubetype to be tubeless tyre although your velg is race tubeless velg because it can be dangerous for your safety

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Modification of Yamaha Mio, The Blue Style

Low ride Style comes up because the wheel base is made lower 10 cm than the basic. The creation is continued with rear wheel installing from car rim of Toyota Kijang 5 inch customustomized. Original Shape body was recustomized with relying on ingredient from fiberglass. This good change is seen from its body by giving panting from acrilyc. the change is continued to installing tyre, front and rear. The other art is, both wheel now is installed by double disc. But for rear diskbrake of left side is installed insde of CVT cover. The finals step, blue colour paint combined with white product Blinken is coverred scootermatic body product 2004.

Modification data Front tire: Swallow 100/70-14 Rear tire: Delitire 140/70-14 handlebar: custom Rear disk: Kitaco Front discbrake: Kawasaki Ninja Muffler: custom

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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Modified Honda CB100 1976, "Low Ride Style"

This motor modification idea is actually beginning from self imagination as a comic illustrator. He began writing and drawing the modification concept on a paper. After the modification concept is finished, then the modification concept is given to a modification builder. And without waiting too long, the concept is accepted with pleasure. Because they didn't want perfunctorily, the modification concept sketch is remade constructively by computer so they got 3 dimensions effect. The Profit from making sketch by computer, its making is easier in accustoming part by part, so they could get correct counting. By maximal result, this motor frame/chassis is replaced with new draft from Seamless pipe 1,5 and 0.75 inch. Front Shockbreaker uses springer model from old motorcycle. Its Process is conducted to other parts such as tank, handlebar, and others. For finishing, the motorcycle is painted using product from Spies Hecker.

Additional Accesories from this modification is very unique. The Seat uses from pedicab seat, tank casing and key head is taken from dice toy. The rear Footstep from Harley Davidson is used for kick starter.

Modification Lists Handlebar : custom (0.75 inch) Front footstep : custom (billet) Velg : Takasago Brake f/r : Oem Gass Tyre : Swallow 21 inch Front disc brake: Yamaha Mio Rear disc brake : Kitaco Cylinder head : Honda Mega Pro Piston : Honda Mega Pro Magnet : Honda Mega Pro Ignition : Honda Mega Pro Crankshaft : Honda CG

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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Cross-plane Crank For Next Yamaha R6?

Since the R1’s new firing order appears to be successful, it begs the question about whether this system can be incorporated into Yamaha’s 600cc sportbike, the YZF-R6. So we questioned the R1’s project leader, Toyoshi Nishida, about whether we might see this configuration in the middleweight screamer. The R1’s project leader hinted that the next R6 might feature new engine technology that will enhance a rider’s feeling for traction at the rear tire. He told us that because a 600’s power output isn’t nearly as potent as a literbike’s, racers in the smaller class usually apply only full power, so the cross-plane’s part-throttle benefits wouldn’t be so obvious. He added that the counter-balancer necessary with the cross-plane arrangement would sap some power, hence it wouldn’t be the most efficient way to provide that direct connection to rear-tire traction for a 600.
However, he hinted that there is another way to aid rear-tire traction, and one that doesn’t involve electronics. Curious about what he referred to, I asked if there was the possibility of using a single-plane crankshaft arrangement in which the two paired pistons fire at the same time (instead of 180 degrees apart), similar to a project used a few years ago in the British Superbike championship on a Yamaha R1. That engine proved to work well in wet conditions, but it was soon outlawed by race organizers. Nishida-san’s response indicated I was barking up the wrong tree, but any loyal engineer would naturally want to keep information like that to himself. Whatever the case, we may see something special in the engine compartment when the next R6 is revealed.

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What’s a Cross-plane Crankshaft?

The cross-plane crankshaft has its pistons arranged 90 degrees apart from each other. As high-performance motorcycle engines have grown more powerful, it’s become difficult to harness that power through the small contact patch on the rear tire. A typical four-cylinder engine uses a flat-plane crankshaft, and the two outer and two inner pistons rise and fall in pairs, firing 180 degrees apart. Torque is applied to the crank during combustion, of course, but also from inertia as the crankshaft rotates. This inertial torque is seen as noise to engineers, and it has the effect of confusing a rider about the amount of traction available from a bike’s rear tire.

The same holds true in the world of MotoGP racing, so Yamaha engineers introduced in 2004 an uneven firing interval for its inline four-cylinder M1 with what’s called a cross-plane crankshaft. In this new design the pistons are arranged 90 degrees apart from each other around the crank, which eliminates the inertial torque fluctuation of a typical four-cylinder mill. A balance shaft keeps vibration at tolerable levels. Yamaha has adapted this configuration to its R1 streetbike, providing enhanced traction and a very distinctive exhaust note we’ve been hearing from Valentino Rossi’s racebike.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Ducati Superbike 1198

ENGINEERED BY THE STOPWATCH, DESIGNED BY THE RACE TRACK, PROVEN BY TROY BAYLISS Ducati Superbike 1198 is a new race bike, pure and simple manufactured by Ducati. It is recognised for its purposeful, no-nonsense attitude. Trademark Ducati features like the high tail section and compact front end combine with twin under-seat silencers and single-sided swingarm to express the sheer engineering beauty of aerodynamics and agility. Ducati added the 1198 Testastretta Evoluzione engine as the hearts of the machine in superbike 1198 and the result is all-out performance Ducati Superbikes that look fast even when parked. The 1198 bike features fully adjustable 43mm Showa forks, with an additional special low friction titanium oxide treatment applied to the sliders. The 1198 uses engineering solutions taken directly from the World Championship winning 'R' model of Troy Bayliss. From engine capacity and specification to advanced electronics, many details that helped Troy to the 2008 World Superbike title have been applied to the 2009 road-going 1198. Never before has so much factory rider feedback been put into production.

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Deus Ex Machina Yamaha Concept Bike

Challenged to rethink motorcycle transportation, Art Center College of Design student Jake Loniak decided the idea of a machine as an extension of the body should be taken literally. Inspired by Biomechatronics and called the Deus Ex Machina (not to be confused with that other Deus Ex Machina from Australia), Loniak's concept is an electric, vertically parking motorcycle controlled by 36 pneumatic muscles with 2 linear actuators.

Jake Loniak, a student of Art Center Pasadena has crammed the combination of motorcycle and tech-skeleton with seven artificial vertebra as well as the pneumatically attached helmet into an awesome looking Yamaha branded Deus Ex Machina. Jake has beyond his wild imagination to design this concept. The vehicle will be powered by ultra-capacitors and doped nano-phoshpate batteries similar to those already used in hybrids, with The motor is in-wheel. Jake believes that this vehicle can achieve a top speed of 75 mph. The recharge time of this vehicle is 15 minutes and cycle time is of 1 hour. The qualities are more than the qualities found in hybrid cars.

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Tips to Care Motorcycle Chain

Motorcycle chain is one of vital part of motorcycle. it is not strange if motorcycle chain is worn-out or even broken, so this matter will decrease motorcycle ability and even can cause accident. therefore many rider try to care motorcycle chain with various way such as giving motorcycle chain lubricant and etc. their effort to care motorcycle chain in order durable is proper to be appreciated. but majority of people while maintaining motorcycle chain is with just any that is with only give second-hand lubricant on the motorcycle chain. the result, motorcycle chain is even also still worn-out fast and broken. so all that efforts inclined in vain. It can even endanger you because second-hand engine lubricant can cause your motorcycle slip. well, for that, in this article, we will give several tips to care your motorcyce chain well so that it will make your motorcycle chain more durable and stay slippery in order gives addition power maximally on your motorcycle. Below, tips to care your motorcycle chain:

- don't give chain with second-hand engine lubricant, because it is very slippery and can make chain be worn-out fast - give chain with special chain lubricant that is chain lube standard or chain lube for racing because its viscosity from chain lube is high so it can keep over the chain slippery in the whole weather, rainy or sunny. - besides, when baste chain with chain lube, chain lube will not leave remain on the chain because lubricant liquid will directly penetrate but it stay slippering the chain. - give cleaner on chain periodically in order the chain is escaped from things that can cause the chain be worn-out. - when give chain lube on chain, do that with twist the chain in order the lubricant can warp the chain well so that there are no chain part remained that unwraped.

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2009 Yamaha YZF-R1, The New R1 You Wanna Own

The MotoGP-inspired R1 is the most advanced Open-class production motorcycle. The new R1 represents a paradigm shift in technology, performance and controllability among litre class sport bikes. Inspired by Yamaha's M1 MotoGP race bike, this next generation R1 features a cross plane crankshaft design with an uneven firing order to provide outsanding yet easy to control torque and an exceptionally linear throttle feal never experienced before. But there is far more to the new R1 than just a revolutionary new engine. The bark is bad. The bite is badder. Forget everything you ever knew about the supersport liter class. The all-new YZF-R1 is unlike anything before. That's because it's the world's first production motorcycle with a crossplane crankshaft. The result? Incredibly smooth power delivery and outrageous torque for a rush like you've never experienced.
Introducing the all new 2009 R1 … Yamaha's technical "Tour de Force." The new R1 has been designed to be the "Ultimate Cornering Master" of the open super sport class and one of the keys to incredible handling lies partly in the chassis but equally as important, in its ability to put useable power to the ground. This revolutionary new R1 delivers as much power as the rider wants, exactly when the rider wants it … by a simple twist of the right wrist; leaving the rider feeling like they are directly connected to the rear wheel of the new R1.

The new-generation YZF-R1 is more closely linked to our MotoGP winning M1 than ever before. For 2009 this legendary motorcycle is equipped with an all-new 998cc inline four-cylinder engine with a crossplane crankshaft that runs with an uneven firing interval of 270º - 180º - 90º - 180º. This innovative new design ensures superb throttle linearity, giving a feeling that the rider’s throttle hand is directly connected to the rear tyre. The new engine feels and sounds smoother than ever, and emits an unforgettable growl from the exhaust. Pushing out 182 PS at 12,500 rpm with 115.5 Nm of torque at 10,000 rpm, this MotoGP-inspired engine is without a doubt the most technologically advanced powerplant ever seen on a Yamaha supersport bike. And for the ultimate in feel and controllability, the new-generation R1 runs with an all-new Deltabox chassis offering an idealized rigidity balance.
2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 Highlights: - Fuel Consumption * 14kpl/40mpg(Imp) - New, 998cc, DOHC, 4-valve, in-line 4 with revolutionary "cross plane" crankshaft - New compact Deltabox chassis with fully adjustable suspension

2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 - USA Specifications
MSRP* $12,490 (Raven/Candy Red) Available from January 2009 $12,490
(Pearl White/Rapid Red) Available from January 2009
(Cadmium Yellow) Available from January 2009
(Team Yamaha Blue/White) Available from January 2009

Type :998cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 16 valves (titanium valves)
Bore x Stroke :78.0mm X 52.2mm
Compression Ratio :12.7:1

Carburetion :Fuel Injection with YCC-T and YCC-I Ignition TCI :Transistor Controlled Ignition
Transmission :6-speed w/multi-plate slipper clutch
Final Drive :#530 O-ring chain

Fuel Capacity :4.8 gal
Fuel Consumption :* 14kpl/40mpg(Imp)
Wet Weight :454 lb
Brakes/Front :Dual 310mm
disc; radial-mount forged 6-piston
Brakes/Rear :220mm
disc; single-piston caliper

Tires/Front :120/70ZR17M/C 58W
Tires/Rear :190/55ZR17M/C 75W
2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 - Candian Specifications
MSRP: C$15,899
Engine :Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, inline four
Displacement :998cc
Bore and Stroke :78 x 52.2mm
Compression Ratio :12.7:1

Maximum Torque :11.7kg-m (84.6ft-lb) @ 10,000 rpm
Fuel Delivery :Mikuni 45mm throttle body FI

Lubrication :Wet sump
Ignition :Digital TCI

Transmission :6-speed
Brakes (Front) :Dual 310mm discs

Brakes (Rear) :220mm disc
Tires (Front) :120/70ZR17

Tires (Rear) :190/55ZR17

Fuel Capacity :18 litres (4 Imp. gal.)
Fuel Consumption :* 14kpl/40mpg(Imp)
Wet Weight :206kg (453.2lb)
Colour(s) :Yamaha Blue

Metallic Black
Reddish Yellow

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Motorcycle Events? Don't Miss It!

Some people love living in the fast lane. They ride their motorcycles and enjoy the strong wind as they speed up down the road and enjoy the journey. However, for the real motorcycle enthusiast, it isn't enough to simply live in the fast lane. Living in the fast lane must go hand in hand with living with style. Many enthusiasts have taken odds and lengths to find the perfect bike to express themselves. This aspect of self-expression in riding the motorcycle can sometimes be something that only people with the same interest can understand. It is no wonder that a motorcycle lover will look for a fellow enthusiast to be able to share this ideas to those who can understand. This is where going to motorcycle events may be of significance. Why Go to a Motorcycle Event?
There are certain reasons why a motorcycle enthusiast will pursue this.

1.A beginner can start to learn more about the field by joining these events.

2.This is also a good venue to get to know the right people who can be of big help to each other. It can't be denied that when motorcycle enthusiasts come together they can really go along well and understand each other.
3.Motorcycle events can also be a good opportunity to get good ideas from the other enthusiasts with regard to tips, suggestions and opinions.

4.It will definitely feel good to be able to ride your bike together with the other bike lovers. It is like coming together and expressing yourself together to the rest of the world in a rally, ride or event.
5.Finally, the sense of camaraderie is something that the motorcycle enthusiast will enjoy. There is so much to see, enjoy and be nostalgic about in these events.
How to Join the Motorcycle Events?

Given all these wonderful points of joining motorcycle events, it is a must for one to join the same.
First thing to do is to check out the local community for any organizations or associations formed by local motorcycle enthusiasts. There will surely be one, at least in every state. You can easily talk to the members of these groups and inquire on how you can join in the scheduled events. It is also possible to check on their schedule or calendar for the events they are organizing. You can ask for the requirements so you can easily join. There are also some internet sites that can help you find an organization near your locality. These can also provide a calendar regarding some important events, especially those that will take place on the national level. Conclusion Take the first step and participate in the motorcycle events. A true bike lover will definitely enjoy thses events.

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2009 Yamaha RD350 Concept

Could this be the return of the two-stroke sportbike?
Two-stroke motorcycle engines are akin to the dodo bird – or nearly so. Ring-ding streetbikes all but disappeared by the 1990s, reaching their zenith in the mid-’80s with the GP-inspired Yamaha RZ500, Suzuki RG500 Gamma and Honda NSR400, all of which were never officially available in America but were sold nearly everywhere else. The sporting two-stroke bike movement petered out with the Yamaha RZ350 in the late ’80s, choked down with catalytic converters in its exhaust expansion chambers.
Indeed, it’s the two-stroke motor’s inherent oil-burning design that has forced it from roads in which exhaust emissions are now strictly controlled. Bimota’s innovative 500cc Vdue seemed to offer the promise of a clean-burning, lightweight two-stroke sportbike, but drivability issues with its fuel-injected V-Twin could never be fully resolved, and this failure (Bimota’s first and only attempt at building its own engine) eventually precipitated the Italian company’s demise until its resurrection a few years ago.

But now word comes out of Italy that the two-stroke streetbike might be experiencing its own resurrection, as these concept sketches of a Yamaha RD350 illustrate. As before, the challenge is to create a two-cycle engine that is able to pass emissions regulations, but perhaps the recent innovations in two-stroke outboard boat motor technology can be somehow adapted to a street-legal motorcycle engine. The challenge Bimota and others faced in this regard has been getting the air/fuel mixture in and out efficiently at the higher revs required of a bike engine. It’s possible that new fuel-injection technology and effective catalyzers might be able to solve this longstanding conundrum.
At this point, it seems doubtful that we’ll be riding new two-stroke sportbikes anytime soon, but these sketches certainly whet the appetites of those who regard these simple and lightweight motors as the ultimate in sportbike powerplants. A prediction of 65-75 rear-wheel horsepower seems doable, and we’d expect an aluminum-framed bike like this to weigh somewhere in the 320-lb range, giving it a power-to-weight ratio close to that of a contemporary 600cc sportbike.
It sounds, to us, like the recipe for a fun and engaging ride. You?

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