Sunday, 10 July 2011

Modification of Honda Tiger from Malang Indonesia

The concept is born out of pure instinct with the theme street fighter 'that reflects the true manhood,"
Yudi opened the story, agreed by Syaiful, the master. Initiated action, Yudi wanted to use
a genuine head lights from 1000RR Suzuki GSX-R.

While imaginaizing the concept, He began making up the frame especially tail frame that look too heavy.
"strange holder plate on the seater (He felt something like that) forced me so I can fully express by designing a tapered tail body,"
immediately he constructed the dual seater in body area of this tail.

Moreover, the gas tank is designed with sporty of dual cradle box which was added by Supra's turning lamp placed neatly
on the wall of the cradle box. after finishing the stylish body design,
the legs simultaneously is modified with big front legs and applied with wide rim.

kamuflasing the bottom from the original one, Yudi made the front fenders wider to cover the both side walls of bottom cover,
"it's looks like the moto GP style," Syaiful said.

long-awaited for the head lamp, finally GSXR lamp unit is mounted immediately in front of it.
"The installation of the head lamp added by GSXR lamp unit is for maximize light beam that can get the maximum electric energi without having
to drain the battery" said yudi.

VELG : Takazawa, TYRES: IRC & Swallow, HANDLE: Ninja R, ARM : Handmade, MONOSHOCK : YSS, FRONT DISC : PSM,
FRONT KALIPER : Brembo 4 Piston, REAR DISC : Satria, HANDLE : Ride It, CDI : BRT, MUFFLER : Nobi Trioval,
MODIFIcATOR : Echa Fiberglass Custom, Jl.Sapto Raya Wendit Pakis RT 01 RW 09 Malang by Yudi Triawan

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