Friday, 11 September 2009

Tips to Choose Right Race Velg

Race velg variation model on markets is really many kinds models and various, but the important thing we have to do before buying is choosing thoroughly because nice model doesn't guarantee good in quality. there are some criteria that must be payed in buying good race velg, such as the following tips: - choose velg from metal that can hold big weight such from magnesium and alumunium forged (handiwork) wheel. velg from alumunium forged is very strong and light. strong metal can determine the design because it can be formed into different model. besides, choose also bearing house made from iron so that stronger. - don't be cheated by the nice price of expensive but faked. look at all explanations as described on the surface of velg or sticker sticked on that is written an information about year maker, the maker factory, and whether the velg had been test for loading test to test the strength and endurance of velg towards heavy and pressure. - if you really like with unique velg model, choose model that appropriate with what you want and also appropriate with your vehicle need. for example race velg for racing or velg to merely follow fashion and trend. - choose velg size appropriate of the size of your vehicle tyre. don't till if there is broken in the tyre, you are difficult to look for appropriate replacer tyre.

besides, there also that must be payed attention. race velg is often interpretted equal to tubeless velg because its construction velg is closed so that can hold air than standard velg where air can pass trough the velg. but in reality many race velg cannot become tubeless velg. so be more accurately. actually there is another primary factor in order that race velg serve the purpose of velg tubeless, that is tyre buffer construction in flat velg and there is key warp. if tyre buffer construction in velg is not flat/ formed warp, so it can not be used as tubeless velg because it can not lock the tyre in order the air is not getting out. important to remember when you are going to use tubeless tyre, besides tubeless velg (usually written tubeless on surface of velg), you must also use tubeless tyre, usually be written on tyre. don't occasionally use standard tyre/ tubetype to be tubeless tyre although your velg is race tubeless velg because it can be dangerous for your safety

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