Friday, 11 September 2009

Modification of Yamaha Mio, The Blue Style

Low ride Style comes up because the wheel base is made lower 10 cm than the basic. The creation is continued with rear wheel installing from car rim of Toyota Kijang 5 inch customustomized. Original Shape body was recustomized with relying on ingredient from fiberglass. This good change is seen from its body by giving panting from acrilyc. the change is continued to installing tyre, front and rear. The other art is, both wheel now is installed by double disc. But for rear diskbrake of left side is installed insde of CVT cover. The finals step, blue colour paint combined with white product Blinken is coverred scootermatic body product 2004.

Modification data Front tire: Swallow 100/70-14 Rear tire: Delitire 140/70-14 handlebar: custom Rear disk: Kitaco Front discbrake: Kawasaki Ninja Muffler: custom

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