Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Modified Honda CB100 1976, "Low Ride Style"

This motor modification idea is actually beginning from self imagination as a comic illustrator. He began writing and drawing the modification concept on a paper. After the modification concept is finished, then the modification concept is given to a modification builder. And without waiting too long, the concept is accepted with pleasure. Because they didn't want perfunctorily, the modification concept sketch is remade constructively by computer so they got 3 dimensions effect. The Profit from making sketch by computer, its making is easier in accustoming part by part, so they could get correct counting. By maximal result, this motor frame/chassis is replaced with new draft from Seamless pipe 1,5 and 0.75 inch. Front Shockbreaker uses springer model from old motorcycle. Its Process is conducted to other parts such as tank, handlebar, and others. For finishing, the motorcycle is painted using product from Spies Hecker.

Additional Accesories from this modification is very unique. The Seat uses from pedicab seat, tank casing and key head is taken from dice toy. The rear Footstep from Harley Davidson is used for kick starter.

Modification Lists Handlebar : custom (0.75 inch) Front footstep : custom (billet) Velg : Takasago Brake f/r : Oem Gass Tyre : Swallow 21 inch Front disc brake: Yamaha Mio Rear disc brake : Kitaco Cylinder head : Honda Mega Pro Piston : Honda Mega Pro Magnet : Honda Mega Pro Ignition : Honda Mega Pro Crankshaft : Honda CG

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  1. can i buy the honda cb100 1976 motor?please!Please contact me!(


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