Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tips to Care Motorcycle Chain

Motorcycle chain is one of vital part of motorcycle. it is not strange if motorcycle chain is worn-out or even broken, so this matter will decrease motorcycle ability and even can cause accident. therefore many rider try to care motorcycle chain with various way such as giving motorcycle chain lubricant and etc. their effort to care motorcycle chain in order durable is proper to be appreciated. but majority of people while maintaining motorcycle chain is with just any that is with only give second-hand lubricant on the motorcycle chain. the result, motorcycle chain is even also still worn-out fast and broken. so all that efforts inclined in vain. It can even endanger you because second-hand engine lubricant can cause your motorcycle slip. well, for that, in this article, we will give several tips to care your motorcyce chain well so that it will make your motorcycle chain more durable and stay slippery in order gives addition power maximally on your motorcycle. Below, tips to care your motorcycle chain:

- don't give chain with second-hand engine lubricant, because it is very slippery and can make chain be worn-out fast - give chain with special chain lubricant that is chain lube standard or chain lube for racing because its viscosity from chain lube is high so it can keep over the chain slippery in the whole weather, rainy or sunny. - besides, when baste chain with chain lube, chain lube will not leave remain on the chain because lubricant liquid will directly penetrate but it stay slippering the chain. - give cleaner on chain periodically in order the chain is escaped from things that can cause the chain be worn-out. - when give chain lube on chain, do that with twist the chain in order the lubricant can warp the chain well so that there are no chain part remained that unwraped.

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