Sunday, 16 August 2009

Gold Shine of Yamaha Jupiter MX becomes a Champion of Modified Motorcycle and a Coolest One.

Seeing it from a far distance, we shall know that this motor is a Yamaha Jupiter MX. But something that make it interesting to see is glitter gold wrap some part of its body up to visible more 'eye catchy. This Ambara's motorcyle is especially prepared to take apart in arena of Motodify Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, especially in blink-blink class and duckbike modification. Not only its body that got special attention, entire sides such as on feet also get special spotlight in order that it come up more steadyer. About the motor, Ambara, the repair shop manager of M1 said, "This motorcycle is Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006, I customize it with concept of elegant style with minimalizing custom body", he said explaining. Despite of without extreme change in engine, body appearance remarkable is really likely becoming magnet that can invite many pair of eyes to leer to this bike. For Foreleg detail is full of crom gold nuance such as in Fork Gazi Up Side Down with disk and kaliper Kitaco 4 piston. For master brake and tromol, it still use the original model. Next to rear feet, change that clear visible is in swing arm that use also custom model. The addition is on suspension change that use Gazi, Posh disk, kaliper Kitaco 4 piston, and master brake also custom version. All part likely fused neatly with its body detail begin from frame, front body, fairing, rearbody and engine cover that is an art creation of Ambara under label of M1. like touched on, although it is without significant change in engine, the gas throw line of this motor is redesigned also with custom model.
For variation on this motor is visible clearly in handlebar use x-1R, rearlamp and signlamp from Yamaha Mio. For speedpedal and footstep, the owner choose compact model from Yoshimura. Shiny on colour side, for paint and clearpaint on this motorcycle is extradited thoroughly to chromium repair shop of Malik Bali using product from Serwin William plus gold chromium on its outside. "the duration taken on modification work consumes a month with some difficulty especially on sector of its cusotm body which we try to merge fiber with plastic", he said about motorcycle working difficulty. All of this speciality is suddenly makes the motorcycle belongs to a man from Denpasar, Bali becomes the best modified motorcycle especially in duckbike modification category and coolest blink one. mot

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