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Honda Beat Singaraja as The Best Black Bike Motodify Denpasar, Bali 2009

Honda Beat Singaraja as The Best Black Bike Motodify Denpasar, Bali 2009
Competition atmosphere is so thick taste when Djarum Black Motodify held in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Many local balinese modificator plus the presence of great modifikator from Java origin even Balikpapan gave stimulus promoter of competition tension there. although there are a lot of carrying racing style but some of them try to come up a difference with the personal special style. Such as a thing showed by Kadek Deny Irawan or (his usual named as) Deny Matrix with the mainstay carriage that is Honda Beat 2008.
Clearly, the radical change is seen from overall display of this scootermatik. Body change and feet became the most things to work here. further about his motorcycle, Deny Matrix comes from Singaraja said, basically my motorcycle is Honda Beat 2008 black colour modified like a chopper". "For chopper concept, I do extending the chassis towards back for 40 cm and frontside for 20 cm, plus change of custom front velg size 5 inch Bedlock model and so does for rear velg using the same velg model size 8 inch, " he said adding.

For foreleg details such as diskbrake, kaliper, master brake and tromol bothing; there are no significant change except for fork took custom single swing arm. For rearfoot swing arm, it keeps combining with per change that laid in the middle, like in the style of center monoshock. For rear diskbrake, adopted from diskbrake of Ninja, plus kaliper and master brake of Suzuki Shogun SP plus custom tromolbrake. "The total motorcycle working duration spent three weeks with hardest work in installing air suspension because they must try several times flexibility level with the violence level", said the owner.
The change body,majority using carbon ingredient. See in front and rear sparkboard that is seen unique because it looks puffy . Although it still use original engine, its speciality is more increasing with muffler like a chopper. The great variation in this motorcycle covers LED rearlamps, custom LED signlamp, footstep and custom steerbar, spontaneous turbo gas with the application of chopper mirrors.
All of change and neat finishing detail then brought this motorcycle is appropriated as the Best Black Bike Motodify in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 2009. mot
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